If for modern lever gun, I believe you may have trouble getting that large a bullet to feed or even allow cycling of the action. That is where I got my data for using H I placed my first order with Beartooth last year. I’ve been pleased with the initial performance of this bullet, both in the field, and on the range. A reduced load will be fine for most work with hard cast bullets as most factory loads are moving about fps and do well on deer. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode.

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I got, and gr bullets for use in.

Here is a picture of the bullet. I’d even go so far as to say for any medium to big hunting bullet period based on my personal experience comparing pointed, RN and FN bullets of equal weight over the same exact load in the same gun. I didn’t see an exact match between Lyman’s recipes and the QL estimates on pressures, it was pretty close on the muzzle velocity.

They are easy to load, but they don’t show significant signs of high pressure.

beartooth piledriver

I need to kill a T-Rex Any suggestions would be much appreciated. You have to kinda’ respace it, but here it is.


Nov 6, In this instance, it’s pressures and velocities are reporting higher than those listed by Hodgdon as measured results for their loads of H, too. Nor can I get a 68 fps velocity difference from just two inches of barrel length difference, though that difference may be due to using two different chambers, with the 22″ one running at significantly higher pressure. Nov 4, 4. Unfortunately it turned out to be a compressed load so I am a bit apprehensive in using it until someone would be kind of enough to tell if it is safe for the gun I am using.

Levergun: BearTooth Bullets gr PileDriver

Originally Posted by Marshall Stanton. You are not logged in. Beartooth does in fact have loads. Nov 7, Seriously, I can’t find a load online for this bullet.

As plie interesting note of information, one of our longtime customers Mr. For those the actual case volume comes much closer. BUT, no one should ever load a top charge to start with. Originally Posted by woodwright.

Rifle Load Help?

December 31st, Thx for the advise JLA. It helps tune things for you. The time now is I cant wait to get some downrange tomorrow.

Search tags for this page ammopiledriverbear tooth bullets pile driver jrbear tooth piledriver bulletbeartooth ammobeartooth bulletsbeartooth bullets piledriverbeartooth pile driver bulletsbeartooth piledriverhunting with beartooth bullets in apile driverpiledriver bullets for salepiledriver cast bullet availability Click on a term to search for related topics. Initial field pipe have been awesome, terminal performance what we would expect from the PileDriver profile, and pkle superb.


I then find published loads for those and work up to pressure signs and crony readings. I compared some of the recipies in Lyman’s 48th edition with the QL Lyman bullet data.

One step forward, all is bliss. This explains why loads that look way too high in QuickLOAD turn out to be within tolerance in actual lever guns.

45-70 Rifle Load Help?

He certainly did it in style, and below are his comments and photos of his excellent free-ranging American Bison Bull. Last edited by MistaSpakuru; at What are you hunting with this load?

If it’s a Ruger 1, then it can pretty much handle anything that can be loaded in