The reason for this is the lower multiplier of the 2. The price of the IS7 is a nice story, but unfortunately it only differs a little from IC7. In Advanced chipset Features we have the possibility to configure the memory settings. Next, to the BIOS section where a lot of interesting information is waiting to be read. When the concept was first introduced, I was rather skeptical for a start. Added Pentium 4 Extreme Edition support. Switching memory modules with a large AGP card is impracticable.

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On then to the tests that like always begin with the memory tests abkt SiSoft Sandra The IS7-boards linger slightly behind biow two Canterwood boards but compared to each other they perform quite alike.

It is of course possible that too aggressive settings might lead to instability, specially when using memory chips of lower quality but we did not encounter any problem at all during our tests. The memory timings we used to reach stability were 2. Thanks to the updated BIOS all tests could be run with as memory timings.

In 3DMarkthings start to look like normal again. Instead, only marked soldering spots are found. To sum it up, all the integrated features and the package is very good but not anything spectacular.


The abit logo is a registered trademark of abit. This is not the best cooler on the market, but still better than the stock cooling. The price should be at least SEK cheaper.

On to the compression tests. Updated CPU micro code.

By activating this function, the performance is supposed to be drastically increased and the IS7 boards to crush the competition. The mainboard layout is comprehensively good on the IS7 cards, but unfortunately, small design flaws make themselves heard. Bear this in mind if you possess an extra small case. Overclocking gives as usual a healthy increase of both 3DMark points and an increase to the memory bandwhidth. Nothing which controls the choice of mainboard really, but it can be nice to be able to connect the old one button mouse to the COM-port, if you want to feel a bit nostalgic a rainy autumn evening.

Added Pentium 4 Extreme Edition support.

Abit IS7/IS7-E/IS7-G Bios Driver – TechSpot

Changed the default setting of “Drive A” from “None” to “1. The performed tests are as follow: You may need to enter the BIOS setup screen and configure your system information after rebooting the machine. Next, to the BIOS section where a lot of interesting information is waiting to be read.


Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the Flash Utility to flash bios rom. The northbridge has been smeared with generic thermal compound and the true enthusiast better remove the goo and spread on some Arctic Silver or similar instead.

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

That is a bit low, 3. For the DFI-board is looks darker though. Lets take a look at the layout which ABIT usually are very good at. The price of the IS7 is a nice story, but unfortunately it only differs a little from IC7.

Finally, the AGP voltage can be raised to 1. Up to this point, that is.

Abit IS7 flash to BIOS #20

The slanting allows for better cable management to prevent drastically reduced airflow. Below, close up to the edge, the S-ATA vios themselves are found. Therefore we beg to the manufacturers once again, end the flatcable era. What more can be connected?