Although, in the end, I believe this is only going to help Intel as I feel the majority of enthusiasts are talking up and buying Intel products. I should mention that early in our IC7 tests, a bump to 1. Our testing processor was an unlocked Intel Pentium 4 3. Mushkin calls this board problematic and attributes the memory problems to forced implementation of PAT that is not normally present in I may try getting it replaced by NewEgg but I don’t suppose it’ll help. It seemed to handle the overclocking a little better than the IC7, but we hit the familiar FSB ceiling again here. Speaking of which, the IS7 supports up to 4GB of ram.

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IS7 – Street Racer. No performance differences between the Springdale and Canterwood is7/is7-g/is7-d, as either board will serve you well when it comes to video editing.

Abit IS7/IS7-E/IS7-G Bios Driver – TechSpot

Please note that below each board’s brand name is the default speed at which it runs when using the Intel 3. Here we can see similar performance between the two boards. Quake 3 Arena, x Speaking of which, the IS7 supports up to 4GB of ram. The location is good, as it is far away from the CPU socket. Is7/is7-g/ks7-e first thing we’ll check is the audio. If you want to see the results of other Canterwoods using an identical setup please look at our performance testing chart on our 4-Way Canterwood Round-Up!

The AGP slot location is a bit too close to the memory slots, and this is a abir I would hope ABIT, and most manufacturers, would address in their future boards. The Springdale offers almost every feature the Canterwood does, at a much lower cost.


The memory timings were set at on both boards during all testing. There’s been a lot of discussions, reviews and benchmarks done, and although the PAT is a nice feature, the performance gains may or may not be something you’ll be able to justify as a must have, considering the price difference.

In practice, it is possible to jimmy the ram out with an AGP card installed, is7/ie7-g/is7-e I have done, but it isn’t easy. Home Site map Contact Us. The CPU socket is setup in a more traditional manner that we’re used to seeing on Pentium 4 boards, with the key facing to the right as pictured bkos the motherboard.

The results are amazing and we held our planned Monday review and bumped up the ABIT IS7 review as the results may drastically affect your next purchase.

Abit IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS 1.7 driver download

This glow-in-the-dark feature is especially handy if you’re afraid of the dark. The IS7 makes a valiant effort abkt keeping up with the IC7, but it’s clear that the Canterwood holds the fort. There are clamps used to hold the heatsink down, which makes swapping it, or reapplying thermal paste, an easy task since you won’t need to remove the motherboard as you would if there were push pins.

This goes to show you that occasionally, your CPU needs to be burned in.

CPU utilization is 0. ABIT used a thermal pad, but we recommend removing it and applying some quality thermal paste. The stock gios topped out at about FSB. Let me make it clear though that the IC7 is still the better performer, though it will also need the Game Accelerator update to maintain it’s lead.


Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version 1.7

It worked with varying levels of success between – FSB, but it wasn’t stable. The layout of the board is very nice. We can see the CPU is running along at Shortly after, the more mainstream oriented iPE chipset was released, codenamed Springdale.

Looking at the numbers, performance between the IS7 and IC7 are very close, though the Canterwood holds a slight edge, be it with Game Accelerator enabled or disabled. Keep in mind though that the settings used are not going to be ideal if eye candy is important to you.

We copied a variety of install files, varying in size of kb to as much as MB per file from the IC7 machine, to our IS7 box. Although this is where things become interesting!

In the begining it like once a week maybe. Note that lower scores are better. If the driver you need is not in the databaseplease send us an email and we will do our best to find it for you as soon as possible.