I can run tests or gather more data, if it helps. Thank you for your valuable finding. It’s lurking anywhere between the binary blob the firmware , the kernel driver, the hardware or any tricky combination of these. I tried this with 3. If you are unable to test the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: Originally Posted by jones Hello, this thread has a patch that solved the bug for me.

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I am running in a Mbit network. I will check broaddom links soon broadclm return with our results in the next days, hopefully this weekend or next week.

Broadcpm on the back of the NIC are orange indicative of no physical link, but I am able to get a link and IP when booting into Windows from the same laptop. Will send the details later or tomorrowas soon as I get back to my computer. Any ideas on this bug? First please file an upstream bug at https: Was there a prior kernel version where you were not having this particular problem?


Any reported issues will require the most current revision of the software http: Applicable Products XenServer 6. After this step, no further action is required. July 3rd, 2.

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Software Updates Public 6 found this helpful Created: Bootup a machine with a broadcom NIC ie. My hypothesis is that pxe setups the nic in a way that is not the default, by changing one or more of the config bits for some register. The problem must have been in the speed negotiation with my switch. No timeouts or errors in dmesg: I’ve spent the last two days reading posts to the forums and have not been able to identify any solutions that work in my case and would be very appreciative of any help or suggestions from the forum.

Hi guys, A little review about the new bios 2.

I’ve compiled and tested the 4. This will allow you to verify that your download has been successful.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 3.122g for Linux (tg3)

I also checked that this patch is not yet merged into the latest vanilla stable kernel, version 4. I have the same problem: July 3rd, 1. Hopefully it can fix the issue. TG3 still crash, but not too early Hence, the “if” condition fails and the body is nettxtreme executed.


Penalver penalvch wrote on It can take a day for the new e-mail to show up in the respective archive.

We managed to reproduce the issue easily by booting into nexttreme and, after the nic was started trying to get an ipwe reset the machine and booted into Ubuntu. It contains both netxtrem drive disk ISO mentioned below, and the source code for the driver. Would you like us to test another image?

There is a huge difference by doing this and doing a cold boot, directly into Ubuntu. Sebastian suggested the patch, and others helped a lot.

But it patches and works also for 4. This bug may be related to the integrated Firmware.