Many of their characteristics are discussed below. An optional sample changer interface is available for ADC 1. Ultimately, it is the amplifier whose gain range, shaping time constants, low-noise design and other characteristics, must be well chosen for the particular type of detector being used, and the application being addressed. Note, of the parameters described below, the following are saved in the state file and will maintain values between spec invocations: Multiport II can be purchased in versions from one to six inputs.

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Solution The upgrade to firmware version x09 results in a different management of the power line dips: Log in to access Request an Account. Additionally the Genie installation does not create required registry entries for the Multiport II. If using Cnberra Version V3. In the Timing TSCA mode the same logic signal is generated, but it is referenced in time relative to the leading edge of the preamp signal.

An optional sample changer interface is available for Iii 1. Look for the Colibri identification label. Adjustments are made through the graphical user interface of the Genie software environments.

This update is for peak fitting when applied to significantly large regions of interest. The Multiport II unit provides better performance and lower noise than plug-in PC board based MCAs by keeping all sensitive components out of the computer itself and by putting the MCA close to the radiation detectors.


This version is compatible with 1. Or, just fill out our contact form and Mirion will get in touch with you right away. The second active stage operates as a buffer for driving various cable lengths without pulse degradation. The A includes a Gated Integrator which minimizes spectrum broadening at the shorter amplifier shaping time constants, which is essential for high data throughput rates.

This application requires browser support for Adobe Flash Player The web browser capability can be used for controlling and checking count status from any computer on the Internet if permission is granted by the system administrator. This driver is fully qualified with Genie v3.


In the edconf configuration editor, possible MPII configurations include: The FoodScreen includes a 2 x 2 in. The higher scale factor is especially useful for best signal-to-noise ratio in experiments involving low energy sources.

To facilitate routine work and quick setup, the detector bias voltage, discriminator energy and pulser settings are retained in memory when the is switched off. Modular NIM packaging makes it easy to reconfigure systems as needs change or as new technologies become available.

Multichannel Analyzers

Since these amplifiers generate output pulses whose amplitudes are directly proportional to the energies of the incident radiation, the ADC can be used with an amplifier and a multichannel analyzer MCA to generate energy distributions spectra of radioactive samples.

Right click on the MP2. The Multiport II provides better performance and lower noise than plug-in PC board based MCAs by keeping all sensitive components mutiport of the computer itself and by putting the MCA close to the radiation detectors.


The use of DSP technology improves the overall signal acquisition performance.


Auth with social network: Otherwise, set the low-level discriminator to the value given as a percent from 0 to Two communications interface versions are available: This amplifier features high voltage transient protection for a longer life in your lab, low noise contribution for better resolution and a rise time of less than 20 ns for use in timing applications.

Thanks for your submission! With the built in digital oscilloscope, the user views a graphical reconstruction of the digitized, filtered signal.

The pulse decays with a time constant of 50 ms for presentation to a main amplifier. It provides greater flexibility than traditional bus plug-in boards but at a comparable cost.

In order to take full advantage of such a high count rate capability, a main amplifier with a correspondingly high count rate ability, such as the CANBERRA Modelshould be employed. The Amplifier provides gain, filtering, baseline restoration and ICR pulse discrimination.