Voice Fingering Guide If the keyboard senses you are losing your way, Voice Fingering Guide uses a simulated human voice to teach you the next finger you should use. Indicator appears Find the tone you want in the TONE List, and then use the number buttons to input its three-digit number. Points are awarded to grade your efforts! Using a Rhythm Variation E Song Memory Function Troubleshooting Problem Cannot record chord accompaniment data computer.

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The above indicates that Track 1 will be played back, while Track 2 will not.

Select the tune you want to play. Connects to a TV!

This makes it possible for the keyboard to directly read commercially available SMF data, which has been saved to a SmartMedia card from your computer, for karaoke and lessons. Playing Back A Lesson Recording Power Supply This keyboard can be powered by current from a standard household wall outlet using the specified AC adaptor or by batteries. You can even connect to a TV and enjoy lessons on a big screen! Windows is a registered trademark and Windows Vista is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in United States and other countries.


Playing Back A Performance Recording Track 1 Data In addition to notes played on the keyboard and chord accompaniments, the following data is also stored in Track 1 during performance recording. Basic Operations Polyphony The term caeio refers to the maximum number of notes you can play at the same time.


Playing A Rhythm Using The Metronome If your acsio does not have either Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader installed, use the procedure below to install it.

Using Split Keyboard Settings Using Split With split you can assign two different tones a main tone and a split tone to either end of the keyboard, which lets you play one tone with your left hand and another tone with your right hand. If you are using the AC adaptor for power, unplug it from the wall outlet.

LKtv – Electronic Musical Instruments – Manuals – CASIO

To Fast Reverse Do not overexpose the instrument to direct sunlight, or place it near an air conditioner, or in any extremely hot place.

The keyboard has note polyphony, which includes the notes you play as well as lo-93tv rhythms and auto-accompaniment patterns that are played by the keyboard. Don’t have an account?

Using An Intro Pattern Using an Intro Pattern This keyboard lets you insert a short intro into a rhythm pattern to make startup smoother and more natural.


LK-93tv Manual

Using An Intro Pattern Accessories And Options Auto Power Off Power Supply Note the following important precautions to avoid damage to the power cord. Page 9 Using a Rhythm Variation Plastic Bags Never place the plastic bag the product lk9-3tv in over your head or in your mouth. Enter text from picture: Do not use lacquer, thinner or similar chemicals for cleaning.

Points are awarded to grade your efforts!

Lyrics do not appear. Track 1 Playback displayed Example: Step 1 – Master The Timing Using Tone Effects Using Layer Layer lets you assign two different tones a main tone and a layered tone to the keyboard, both of which kk-93tv whenever Advanced 3-Step Lesson Evaluation 1: Err No Card 1 The card is not set correctly in the card slot.

No microphone sound Cannot recall data from a card. Select other SMF data: