Advanced Gestures for GlidePoint: Programmable software allows you to go from fast on-screen movements to pixel point control. The two side buttons third button will not function without the installation of third party software. The Smart Cat Pro offers both single and multi-finger gestures to provide quick access to standard functions of left and right clicking, zoom, scroll, pan and as well as other actions. The right touch area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture, left click by touching anywhere else. The capacitive touch technology by Cirque provides complete navigation control of any graphical interface, packed in a space-saving, low-friction, durable mouse alternative.

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Access right clicks by tapping a finger in the touchpad’s upper right corner. ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page.

Glidepoint Touchpads

Bottom left and right buttons default to left and right click, touchpae side buttons default to middle click and custom program as a set to perform the same command. Sealed solid-state design is more resistant than trackballs and other mousing devices.

The USBOverdrive utility should enable vertical scrolling capability, and the two side button functionality in addition to augmenting overall control of pointer motion. The Smart Cat Pro also allows the user to custom program 4 touchpaf zones” to perform a wide range of actions including clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

For that reason, we take protecting your data very seriously.


Jelly Bean Twist Switch Price: The Cirque Easy Cat Touchpad makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to control your computer. The right touch area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture, left click by touching anywhere else.

Glidepoint Touchpads | Inclusive Technology

This product functions as a standard USB compliant two button mouse. Ambidextrous Design – The ambidextrous nature of touchpads permits them to be used on either the left- or right-hand sides of the keyboard – sometimes they can even be used in the middle! The latest up-to-date drivers cirquf be downloaded from the Cirque website. Windows XP, Vista, 7 bit cirsue bit ; 8, 8. Updated Terms and Privacy Policy Inclusive Technology will always hold and use your data securely, responsibly and transparently.

Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad by Cirque Corporation : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

With these features, the touchpad can eliminate button clicking altogether, resulting in less finger fatigue due to the decrease in force necessary to activate normal buttons.

Withstands Spills and Abuse: Be the first to review this item by youchpad here. Four Programmable Touch Points: The sophisticated GlidePoint sensor system quickly responds to precise finger movements.

Launch a browser, open e-mail, and change multimedia settings with the touch of a finger. These touch surface areas can also be customized to instantly pull up any file or perform favourite commands. Overall, less travel and less movement will result in less stress on the arms and wrists.


The Smart Cat Pro Touchpad cay Cirque Corporation provides users with superior cursor control and advanced functionality. GlideExtend – Continued movement when the edge of the touchpad is reached by lifting and repositioning the finger to continue motion.

It’s easy to detect the right click area of the pad thanks to the subtle change of pad texture and colour. Installing the Cirque GlidePoint driver enables users to reassign functions to best meet their needs. Limits Overreaching – Touchpads are both compact and stationary, allowing them to be positioned in closer proximity to the user and their hands than traditional mice. This feature virtually eliminates the edge of the pad when dragging.

Smart Cat The Cirque Smart Cat sets the standard of comfort plus performance in touchpad computer control.

Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad

Three Programmable Mechanical Buttons: Thank you for your continued support. Both left and right clicks can be activated by simply touching a finger directly on the pad. The two side buttons and vertical scrolling will not function without third party driver installation.

Control cursor modes example: Big Grips Frame for iPad 2, 3 or 4 From: Assign toggle mouse actions.