The “hp dvd writer dvdi” label is located at the lower left side. LightScribe Technology The innovative LightScribe technology uses the same laser that writes data on your disc to create artwork on its label side. If you are not using a LightScribe disc, if the LightScribe disc is dirty, or if the LightScribe disc contains updated burning capabilities, you may receive an error when attempting to create a label:. My DVD labels appear faded. To use Express Labeler from iTunes, the data or music tracks in the playlist your are using must fit on a single CD.

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How does HP install software and gather data? Because LightScribe burns from the center of the disc to the outside edge in concentric rings, Title and Content templates save h; by confining your label to a narrower band. Click New to display the Track window.

HP DVD Writer – The PC Recommends a LightScribe Software Update

Labeling software – this is software to create your label content and to send the label image to the LightScribe drive for burning. The various layouts show different amounts of playlist information.

Currently, LightScribe technology creates a grayscale image, similar to a black-and-white photograph. A high-contrast photo or graphic stands out better than a picture in mostly soft middle tones. While you cannot replace a LightScribe label with a new design, you can add more content to a label that has already been burned. Temporarily disabling security software may help.


Enter information for the playlist: This drive has an IDE interface, allowing it to be attached to an available channel on the computer motherboard. This is pre-installed on your LightScribe-enabled computer.

In most cases, the less area you use, the less time it takes to finish burning the label. This drive is dark slate blue with a silvery tray door.

LightScribe discs are optimized to ensure that the label surface lasts. To remove an image from the label, click the image and then press Delete on your keyboard.

HP DVD Writer Drives – DVD Series Internal and External Drive Identification | HP® Customer Support

To ensure the lightscibe life for both the label and data, keep optical discs out of direct light. Temporarily disable anti-virus, spyware, or pop-up blocker programs.

Can I use my computer for other things while I am burning a LightScribe label? Lightscribe media can be purchased from many online shopping sites and from local oightscribe and office supply stores. The following sections provide instructions for creating LightScribe labels.

HP Desktop PCs – Creating Disc Labels with LightScribe

Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages. No Longer Available Update Location close. If you use a color image, LightScribe burns it lightscibe a grayscale monochrome image.


The emergency eject hole 2 is just above the volume control. The LED 1 is in the left half of the drive. Depending on the LightScribe software you use, you can create a label before or after you burn files onto the disc. Creating a LightScribe label Burning a label with LightScribe is a separate process from burning data, music, or pictures onto a disc.


HP Desktop PCs – Creating Disc Labels with LightScribe | HP® Customer Support

Lightacribe the first to review this item. The estimated time to complete the label is displayed, along with a progress bar. Make sure that Disc Label is selected in Step 1: Will the LightScribe image fade or darken over time or with exposure to light?

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. A LightScribe-enabled DVD drive uses an optical laser to burn an image into the thin dye coating on the label side of a LightScribe disc. Not Specified by Manufacturer. The drive has a general status Lightsvribe 4.