Share This Page Tweet. TMM , Jan 23, Ask a question now. Please fill the gaps. The LCD has a lot more capabilities than the VFD for example, the ability to display in more languages than just English though the patches linked to above only have preliminary support for anything greater than what is provided in the older VFD.

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Lot of info you find on the web is old and only working for the legacy driver.

Soundgraph iMON Station Remote Control

They said it was because there are too many digital formats in the world to do any of them. It’s not a problem if ur using it to view pictures or movies, but it does become a hindrence when u would like to skip to the next music track on the computer from the adjacent room. But a Tv Tuner Remote can only control one thing, the tv tuner The point of the imon station is to control everything you could do with a keyboard or mouse through a remote, thats why it has such good customization software.

Regardless, this version ststion not include the direction pad functionality.


I totally agree mion anything much above the station i. Need more information about this product? PAD patches not working. The “PAD Controller”, a pressure sensitive mouse cursor control is fully supported and previous patches that were required to get it fully working have been incorporated into LIRC. I dont get this product.

If you want to use the chat logplease. Discussion in ‘ General Software ‘ started by CinamonkJan ztation, You need to be in line of sight for the remote to work. The Dual Knob and control buttons system can give the easiest way to navigation and media control.

Review: Soundgraph Imon Station (56k Beware) | OCAU Forums

All Items on Sale We discounted thousands of products from hundreds of categories. However, the drawback being you can only have a single program on the ‘all-time-control’ and needs to be reconfigured if imom would like the function on another program.

It is also possible that completely different codes may be sent by the remote for these keys – based on xtation of the lircd. Incomplete, needs to be expanded.

Ask a question now.

According to Screen Size 11″ and Smaller12″13″14″15″17″ and Larger. Please help to fill the gaps or discuss the issue on the talk page. New Arrivals The latest hits from the gaming world. I am still trying to figure out why, I think the make install is sending the final executable to the wrong directory. Do you already have an account?


This issue could be resolved by their ‘all-time-control’ function where the controls would function for a particular program regardless if it was on the background or minimised. CinamonkJan 21, Vendors that OEM the soundgraph products: As of LIRC 0.

Not use the PAD controller and use other keys for n,w,s,e.

Review: Soundgraph Imon Station (56k Beware)

Great hope lmon held for the future, however: Your talking about multi median or imedian there right? CinamonkJan 23, Either download the sources for lirc from lirc.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Jan 14, Messages: To check your distro for specific imon support, download the lirc source files from your linux distribution.