Would you like to be one? Advanced features Erasing a Macro key Press twice,. By using your fax machine s memory, you won t have to wait for your machine while it completes the transmission. Using Department Codes Advanced features Using department codes You can keep track of how your machine is used through its department code feature. Masking The Pin Advanced features Masking the To prevent unauthorized long-distance calls, some office telephone systems require you to enter a personal identification number Your fax s mask feature helps you keep that mask activated, you can dial a fax number plus a a journal, error message printout, delayed command list or a to eight characters in length. If you still have a problem after trying all of the patterns, please call the Muratec Customer Support Center. When you use the glass, the machine always uses memory transmission even if you set the memory transmission to off.

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Print Quality Problems If intega machine s printouts develop quality problems, try to find the example below that matches your printout problem. F-Code box in which you want to store the document.

Call Request If you still have a problem after trying all of the patterns, please call the ,fx Customer Support Center. Dialing a telephone number Pick up the optional handset. Main unit with sheet paper cassette installed 2. If other solutions fail, please contact your authorized Muratec dealer.


Make any necessary adjustments as usual. Print reduction rate Print reduction lets you set the machine to reduce large incoming documents to a size that fits the paper in your machine. On most Muratec fax models, the user can do this either silently or by using the monitor. After that, you must contact the OEM company directly.

Models using this product. Page 73 Advanced features Erasing a Macro key Press twice.


The machine returns to its initial condition automatically after a certain period of time. If you try to scanning the document ibtegra the machine is printing, the following message will be shown The now shows either: Never install your fax machine where it can overheat, gather dust or get splashed by any liquids even water.

Integea the default settings Memory transmission Default setting: The machine will return to standby mode. In every case, we will be prompt and proactive in our communication with you about any sourcing delays.

Muratec All in One Printer MFX User Guide |

The drum cartridge It yields 16, normal letter-sized printouts see Specifications, pages. Basic operation Making copies Your machine s copier features Your machine has the following copier features: While in Mode 1, any autodialer numbers you use must include. Attaching An Optional Handset Basic operation Attaching an optional handset You may purchase an optional handset for your fax machine.


Is it in stock? The MFX cannot printing and scanning at same time. Settings for dialing Changing the dialing pause length Default setting: When you use the glass, the machine always uses memory transmission even if you set the memory transmission to off.

Muratec MFX-1200 Operating Instructions Manual

When the machine s memory is full, it can transmit only through the docu- ment feeder real time transmission. Getting started This chapter describes how to set up your machine, operating tips and some important settings before you use your machine Packaging contents If the call fails, see Redialing, page 2. When it comes over 60 steps, your fax machine asks if you register the operations you have entered.

Page but not previous opera- tions.

The pause is set by the factory to last two seconds, but you can set it to last as long as ten seconds if necessary. Advanced features Programmable one-touch keys Using the power of programmable one-touch keys In order to complete some operations on your machine, you may have to follow sev- eral steps inetgra press several different buttons.

Press to save the setting.