Afatech AFA , Freescale mc44s However, please note that inquiries to the mailing list: How satisfied are you with this response? Latest Windows drivers dates january and can be downloaded at freecom. The team works very hard to make sure the community is running the best HTPC-software.

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However, please note that inquiries to the mailing list: So being demanding is one sure route to being ignored. For example AMD series chipsets e.

Problem with Lite-on, Intuix, Toshiba DVB-T USb stick

Your name or email address: Often times, even if they wished to help, their energies are entirely tied up with other projects. You’re soliciting help from volunteer developers who work on V4L-DVB matters in their dv-t time, and such work can be non-trivial i. Was the first USB2.

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Lite-on dvb-t usb (intuix s, toshiba,)

Use this link to make older programs run: JRRobb Created on January 26, If you have details for a particular device, please feel free to clone this entry and add the details. Thanks for marking this as the answer.


This is a generic entry for the Anysee E7 line. In germany a similar device seems to be sold as dnt EuroMini [].

Savvy TV from Intuix with S-800/S-810 Tuner TNT/DVB-T USB.

Note that if your device is similar to or contains components for which driver development is currently being undertaken, then it is possible that you will pique the developers’ interest and can obtain some assistance that, possibly, leads to full support for your device.

Clone of yuan-high-tech-stkph but not working yet? In reverse inside in the circuit It has ” ver 2. Yes, my password is: These boxes can only deliver part of the Transport Stream using a hardware PID filter ; it is not known how to deactivate this.

Problem with Lite-on, Intuix, Toshiba DVB-T USb stick | MediaPortal HTPC

Support for Club3D Zap 14aa: When the manufacturer stops updating the drivers, the drivers will quickly refuse to install as newer kernels are released. USB ID before firmware: Care to support our work with a few bucks? In such cases, the best path might be to try to spearhead the driver development for your device yourself, or hire someone who can.

While this may be not a problem tunre end-users, it prevents hacking devices and trying to fix bugs usually usn a problem for endusers. The A frontend is tda based.


The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table. This device looks identical to the A and has the same model number on the box but has a different usbb inside.

There is also a full detail table. Honestly, this point really shouldn’t even need to be written, but you’d be surprised at the number of irrational individuals who write into tunrr mailing list demanding this or that. October 9, Messages: Sundtek provides their own 3rd party userspace driver which is independent of all kernel versions.

All devices below are fully supported by the LinuxTV driver. First version of the driver has been released, look here. Userspace drivers can also be used when debugging drivers for USB host controllers, as the userspace driver can’t crash the system, making debugging easier.