Output timed out sync on audio engine 5 [ It is indeed fascinating to see that audio perfection has been achieved already quite some time ago, at least for this part of the chain. I couldn’t have got this far into what I’m doing without all the people who’ve gone to the trouble of writing all the articles and toot’s etc. Output timed out sync on audio engine 7 [ If you can change settings normally it’s not too big a deal.

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The electrical noise essentially from the GPU seems to affect the frequency range between Hz to 1kHz mainly.

Still working strong, never had an issue with it. Teodoro Marinucci 25 April at At a time when probably many of us were rockin’ with Creative Soundblaster Live! If you can change settings normally it’s not too big a deal.

M-Audio Fast Track Pro, work well out of the box in linux except only will record and playback at 16bit, patching and recompiling kernel has enabled 24 bit for me. Very nice looking bit J-Test results on the L RME interfaces scale up to 64 channels IO per card and setups can easily reach five linuc regions with multichannel setups.

The ESI Juli works fine. Hi and sorry to hook up this thread but I have a similar question: I used a Terratac Phase 88 Firewire on a linux setup for a long time, stable and solid. Hey, if you manage to get the Mathematica code working, make lyynx to post some samples out! Feeling they still need to have all kinds of “noise reduction” devices like USB isolators, “Tranquility Base”, whatever BTW there’s also a spurious very high frequency noise spike up at 75kHz with the L22 better than the Focusrite Forte which has a spike at 37kHz unfortunately; not that either would be audible in actual use of course.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

You can buy anything from the HDSP series, it will work right out of the box. I did some research now and I figured out that the Lexicon Omega Studio might be pretty much what I need….

On that point about the lynd, I seriously wish this record was better engineered. No periodic jitter is observed: A working midi interface would be nice too, but not as important. It’s not the best recording but the tonal qualities of the L22 were excellent, and there was certainly no issue with this sound card in terms of bass quality and quantity. I do still use the Xonar Essence One for my daily computer workstation listening.

Lynx L22 Glitches out on osstest – Open Sound System

It filters the power supply, is said to have very clean ground planes, and utilizes high quality components here’s a review from It feeds a pair of Focal Solo6 Be monitors active speakers. So, i would be most happy if someone would responsibly suggest an audio card that actually works in Linux, is not an Asus Xonar yes, in desperation i tried that tooo22 not a Soundblaster, and – if possible – is still around for buying it.


Maybe it helps if I post it here too. On “computers are noisy! Here’s a closer look at the board itself. Ok, not sure if you meant me lunx with your proposal philip – I need a USB or Firewire device since I want to run this thing with a laptop.

I placed the computer behind an acoustic panel to reduce the fan noise. That has also been my experience.

Open Sound System

I also took the liberty to update the card’s firmware to the latest “W15” May 28, Thank you all for contributing. Higher noise floor of course but jitter just lynd a problem even with these integrated RealTek motherboard with 7. LynxL22 Play 3 – Performing audio playback test Newer Post Older Post Home.

Dev 11 Dropout [1] [ Here she is opened up with the Lynx L22 installed:.