NVDA will be silent when talking to Cortana via voice. Page History Login to edit. NVDA will no longer play error tones or do nothing when closing emoji panel in more recent 19H1 Insider Preview builds. Support for Emoji input panel in Version Fall Creators Update and later, including the redesigned panel in Version build and later and changes made in 19H1 build and later, including kaomoji and symbols categories in build This currently works for daily and hourly forecasts.

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For entries not listed below, you can assume that features are part of NVDA, no longer applicable as the add-on does not support old Windows 10 releases, or changes were made to apps that makes entries no longer applicable.

It’s very simple, try to follow the format of template but don’t worry too much about following guidelines. NVDA will be silent when talking to Cortana add-twp110 voice. Submenu items are properly recognized in various apps, including context menu for Start menu tiles and microsoft Edge’s app menu Redstone 5. Action center Brightness quick action is now a button instead of a toggle button. Text auto-complete will be tracked and announced in address omnibar.

Default update check interval has changed to weekly checks for both stable and development releases. This also affects the control used to select when to restart to finish installing Windows updates.


This is more noticeable in build and later where emoji panel may open to last browsed category, such as displaying skin tone modifiers when opened to People category. Typing indicator text is announced just like Skype for Desktop client. For example, pressing the right arrow might report “Monday: NVDA will now announce reminder confirmation after you set one.

Addon Technology Ltd.

Various status changes such as Focus Assist and Brightness will be reported. Other Ubuntu wiki pages on Wireless Networking: Maps NVDA plays location beep for map locations. With NVDA set to run with debug logging enabled, these events will be tracked, and for UIA notification event, a debug tone will be heard if notifications come axdon somewhere other than the currently active app.

Standalone update check from this add-on will be removed in version Support for announcing cloud clipboard items in Version build and later.

For calculations such as unit converter and currency converter, NVDA will announce results as soon as calculations are entered.

When opening, closing, or switching between virtual desktops, NVDA will announce current desktop ID desktop 2, for example. Reduced unnecessary verbosity when working with modern keyboard and its features.


Use the up and down arrows to read the individual items. If it is a separate USB device, open up a terminal and type the following: This currently works for daily and hourly forecasts. NVDA will no longer appear to do nothing or play error tones if using object navigation commands under some circumstances. For a list of changes made between each add-on releases, refer to changelogs for add-on releases document. Audio Volume progress bar beeps are no longer heard in Version and later.

Some add-on features are or will be part of NVDA screen reader. Mail When reviewing items in messages list, you can now use table navigation commands to review message headers.

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Action center Alarms and Clock. NVDA will no longer announce “heading level” for calculator results.

To create a page, simply enter the model and version in the box example: Some other cards are Linux compatible, but not free software compatible. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

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