I believe that’s the problem with Ambit modems from other threads. I first turned both the modem and the router off. PC Activity This light will flash as the modem is transmitting or receiving data. Aaron M Member Nov Actually, now that I think about it. We’ll see if that does any good. January 14, , 7:

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June 23,5: The funny thing is that it works fine with a Windows 7 desktop, but does not work with the Windows 7 desktop through my router; there was no problem of this sort with the old modem. Rob — Correct, re: Also, the Ambit does not work with my Windows XP laptop when Caboe plug the laptop directly into the modem.

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Ambih seems to take days per manual power cycles before it shows up again. Would this problem be with the modem or something wrong in the computer. Internet has been fine since then.

I would manually have to reboot the modem since I could tell there’s no internet activity. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? Where do I go from dable To answer my own question: Thank you so much for your advised! The stand-by button shuts down the front panel LEDs and disconnects communication between the cable modem and the devices connected through the cable modem, while remaining active on the modm operator’s RF network.


Ambit cable modems seem to have an issue with releasing the MAC address registration from a previous device, preventing a new device from acquiring an IP address. I was able to use it in California but not here. May 16,4: How do I get a password from the modem supplier?

Does yours take a while, quickly, or random? It doesn’t lock up, so that makes it x cooler than the Ambit. I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem too. July 22,3: I’ll see if they can give me a different modem and see if that helps.

Actually, now that I think about it. Also we have wireless home theater and it keeps dropping programs in the middle of shows and sometimes wont pick up internet again.

We’ll see if that does any good. Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Ambit U10C cable modem —.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Ambit 60678E

Off — indicates that there is no wireless client linked to the wireless cable modem On — indicates that at least one wireless client is linked to ambiit wireless cable modem.


My problem is my upload is almost non-existent ambut night direct uploads won’t work, and upload tests won’t even start. Also, does it always happen? This is the info I get from the main page: I just bought a new HP notebook that I want to connect wireless to my existing cable modem where my desktop is connected. Ross McKillop July 22,7: Anyone have any ideas? The last two times I was streaming videos, I noticed my cable modem disconnected ajbit rebooted?

Found and cured the problem by putting new splitter in outside box plus new cables, new splitter in the attic degrees outside and then run a dedicated line to the computer. It sounds like we have different issues.

I could alway limit the bw to one third the speed to avoid the ambit issues but this is unacceptable since I’m paying for 10M, not 3M or less.