Lots of them and all different kinds and brands. Configure the Cingular Modem Now that your Windows PC recognizes the as a dial-up modem, you must create a new dial-up connection to use it. An external, MiniSD expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. The buttons were easy to press and the numerical dial pad was particularly roomy, so even users with larger fingers shouldn’t have a problem. Then all-of-a-sudden, the ringer, the speaker, and the alarm stops to work.

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Images are fairly clear with a strong dose of contrast and JPEG smoothing. The final step is to enter a username and password. You do get MobiTV 2. I also missed the protection of a flip phone. Unless you’ll only be connecting to the Internet using the Cingularit’s best that you de-select the Make this the default Internet connection option. More cell phone reviews: But for the most part text is vingular legible and web browsing is, if not exactly comfortable, at least very much possible, particularly with the help of the various versions of Opera.

Cingular Smartphone Review

Shopping User from Yahoo 25 May Also given that there are currently no other flip-style Windows Mobile smartphones available, many will find the compelling. This score is based on our evaluation of 38 sources including reviews from users and the web’s most trusted critics.


While not perfect, the is quite good in the RF department, maintaining a workable signal even in what could be quite generously called marginal areas.

The 1, mAh Lithium Ion battery will keep you talking in excess of 5 hours Cingular claims up to 7 and the phone simply seems to go on forever even with Bluetooth on, heavy use of the web browser, email and video playback features. Performance doesn’t measure up to top models.

Cingular 3125 / HTC Star Trek reviewed

You can only set one alarm time. The Cingular proves that you can have your sexy, slim flip phone and get it with brains too.

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Other than his home town of New York, his favorite Reception almost as good as my analog Nokia of cungular years ago. The battery life is short and takes forever to charge. Lot to Learn Yahoo! The other reason that this irks me is because of the placement of the MicroSD card. Then all-of-a-sudden, the ringer, the speaker, and the alarm stops to work.


I wanted one device so I got the The pros are excellent battery backup, good signal reception, nice cingullar capabilities. Same for the cool blue cingualr on the outside of the phone. The phone supports charging over USB and the battery is user-swappable. The Treos are rated for only around 4 and a half hours of talk time, the Motorola Q the same.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

We’ve changed, we promise. I had reception everywhere – even where noone else’s phone worked, but I had my Outlook contact on my Palm.

I gave up on that. There’s no secondary front camera.

The phone will start freezing up in about 5 months. Overall – it fills the bill – Cinular Bad they won’t sell you a warantee with it Internal memory is MB. I am a PC user not a Microsoft fan, but surprisingly like windows mobile.