I’m running my controller on Amazon EC2 and it’s working great. Replied Feb 22 , 6: I just set this up for myself not even 20 minutes ago. Mods reserve the right to remove topics that are considered disruptive or inappropriate for this subreddit. The original cert in question was bought directly from Comodo and they supply the certs in a different format than what the guide expects, and it didnt have the AddTrustExternalCARoot. Whether this is because of some option chosen when getting the cert generated im not sure, but it might be something to do with the part in ssls where you specify that its for apache. That will download the Root 1 CA file into your certificates folder.

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I knifi the power supply directly on the WF, the 3. The relevant parts of the output can be found at the end of this rpely. Our website was up and running in no time at all, and he continues to offer support for any problems we encounter and has made the whole process an absolute breeze. Then I had to wait about minutes until the site came back up, but I’m in the green now.

Umifi also seemed to need to restart the server instead of just restarting the Unifi controller. Replied Mar 08 Spam, promote your business, or job postings List items for sale or conduct a virtual ‘swap meet’ Write excessively rude or condescending posts we are all entitled to our opinions, but order must be maintained.


On what hardware was that? If unnifi, the script will exit quietly. So, Llnux generated a new cert with: Definately worth a good write up though. Which is a pain for the Unifi controller as it does not use relative paths for it’s resources. All certificate authorities are required to make their certificates publicly available, so no matter which signing authority you use, their CA files are easy to find with a web search.

I knew I had to be screwing something up. I manage a swimming pool shop in Perth and am fortunate to have known Matt many years prior to him starting ljnux web design business. UniFi solutions for everyone! Fix the problem and run it again. I am going to post a blog article about this, but let me just post the exact steps below:.

Ubiquiti UniFi Common Controller and NVR/airVision SSL Certificate

It was and is greatly appreciated and I would never have figured this out without the assists. The distribution of Linux that I am using is Ubuntu I am going to post my how to in a new thread.

But in basic terms, csf script:. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction where I have to start looking for this problem. This stops the never ending loop of retries to communicate with the Wifi module, I still cannot use the Wifi module, for example: I use a Cloud Key, but this should work just the same.


Mike Rumac Store Manager, Poolequip.

That will download the Root 1 CA file into your certificates folder. Company Name, your city, etc.

Restore default-ssl back to original settings and remove the modified config files in the same directory if you do this to start again. Just to update this for some troubleshooting if anyone runs into the same kinda thing – I jumped on the server and there were a couple of issues. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this issue by either:. From the command line: This is a rough edit from my internal documentation: Peter Bodeker Peter Bodeker Construction.

Anyone had luck importing SSLS cert on Unifi Controller : Ubiquiti

After this it all repeats itself. I have always found Matt to be prepared to go the extra distance to make sure that the system is working to the best of its ability and that the customer requirements have been met. Once this is linx you could browse to https: