Toner attracts to the developing roller since it is powdery ink made of black resin bound to iron particles. The laser beam nm wavelength beam is dispersed as the polygon motor revolves rpm to reflect the laser beam over the drum. The transfer roller is negatively biased so that the positively charged toner is attracted onto the paper while it is pinched by the drum and the transfer roller. Shake the container horizontally to distribute the toner evenly. Pull the heat R bush and heat L bush with Gear heat roller from the upper fuser guide. Don’t have an account? Paper Exit Section Paper exit section 1 Paper exit section The paper exit section transports the paper which passed the fuser unit towards the output tray.

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Olivetti d-Copia 163MF

Fuser Section Fuser section 1 Fuser unit The toner on the paper is molten and pressed into the paper as it passes between the heat roller and the press roller in the fuser unit. To remove paper misfed in the machine, open the front cover or the rear cover or pull out the paper cas- sette.


Description This toner cloth acts like a magnet and attracts toner powder holding the powder in it’s fibers. Paper passing direction 2.

The cleaning blade is constantly pressed against the drum and scrapes the residual toner off to the sweep roller. Check or replace the transfer roller and refit Short Long all the removed parts.

Toner attracts to the developing roller since it is powdery ink made of black resin bound to iron particles. Scanning functions Scanning Speed Expose Section Expose section 1 Laser scanner unit The charged surface of the drum is then scanned by the laser beam from the laser scanner unit.

All in One Printer Size: Check or replace the heater lamp, heat roller, fuser thermistor, thermal cutout, or Press roller press roller and refit all the removed parts. Send To File Changing Function Defaults Connecting The Cables Print Server ib Printing The Report Pages Paper Exit Section Purpose Selects if the dial tone is detected to check the telephone is off the hook when a fax is con- nected to cpia public switched v network.


Remove the language label sheet. Remove the right cover See P. Change the value using the key.

Compact A4 multifunctional system, Olivetti d-Copia MF

To remove original jammed in the DP, open the original cover. Connecting The Power Cord Check or replace the exposure lamp and refit all the removed parts.

Check or replace the original feed roller and refit all the removed parts. Precautions For Maintenance 2. Send To Email Replace laser scanner unit.

Selecting The Resolution Adjust the position of the width guides located on the left and right sides cpoia the paper cassette.

Page 38 This page is intentionally left blank. Main Charger Unit Order now, we’ll dispatch on Monday! Turn the power switch on.

Power switch Toner container