In addition, try switching USB ports. In most situations this is a user rights issue. If none of these actions resolve the problem, please call technical support at If your calibration sheet comes with black horizontal bars then they must face down when calibrating. Interpolated resolution is accomplished in software by surrounding pixels already seen by the scanner with new pixels that are mathematical averages of the original pixels. What is the purpose of scanner calibration?

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Go to your control dockerport STEP 2. Look in the System section. In our experience HP are very slow to release driver updates for their scanners.

DocketPORT Drivers & Downloads

View Cart Log-in Log-out. After that you should clean your scanner using the provided cleaning sheet by first spraying 3 sprays of a cleaning solvent on the cleaning sheet and then running the cleaning setting on your scanner.

The first thing you should do is to recalibrate your scanner.

Some newly released scanners may be absent from the list below, because they have not gone through our Scanner Certification process. For an average user, we recommend calibrating your scanner about every three months. In addition, try switching USB ports. Make sure that the user has both read and write access to create files in the location to which you are trying to save the scans. Click on the Plus docketpoet next to Imaging devices. Make sure the correct scanner is selected in Select 45 field.


Now try and scan. If not, please feel free to call technical support at Cleaning sheets may be reused until noticeably dirty, which may be many months in a standard office environment, or a much shorter period of time in a dusty industrial environment or when traveling frequently with your scanner. For heavy users, once a month or even more frequently may be necessary.

Ambir Docketport 485 USB 2.0 Duplex Scanner

This will completely remove the scanner from your computer. A bit scanner, for example, typically has an optical resolution of x dpi, while bit or bit scanners typically have optical resolutions of at least x dpi.

What should I do if I get a Load dll. Please refer to the product specification page of the scanner you are interested in for more detailed information. There should be multiple drivers listed in this inventory, if there is only one please contact technical support at When should I replace my cleaning sheet? Your scanner is clearly designed to work with a notebook computer; will it also work with a desktop PC? Full color calibration is really a two-step process: The scan speed will vary based on the physical size of the document, DPI, your scanner type and other factors.


If there are no imaging devices, confirm that it is not located Unknown devices or Other devices. Then click the Driver tab and click on Driver Details. An important feature of a scanner is resolution, which is the amount of detail recorded by the scanner.

Supported Scanners

You can also use these same instructions to clean your scanner. What do I do if I get an error when opening data source? The mechanical image sensors look like a little switch at the front of the scanner.

You can initiate the cleaning mode by opening your primary scanning application and then initiating a scan. How can I check if my scanner drivers are installed properly or my hardware is functioning properly?

It is a good idea to also recalibrate your scanner following a cleaning. The first thing you should do is calibrate you scanner. We strongly recommend using a scanner with a USB 2.