Here’s how it config’ed successfully finally: The PC has to be set to an IP address within the print server’s range. Printing a file on a network printer is seamless, and users can easily control the scanning of documents and photos directly from their computers. To install a printer, plug it into one of the four USB ports on the back of the DPR and run through the server setup wizard using any Internet browser. I am still very happy with the iMac performance but this gap in information is the first crack I have seen in the iMacs armour.

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Simultaneous Operation of Connected Printers With 4 multifunction printer connections from a single device, the DPR is the perfect choice for environments where space or price is a concern. This site is not responsible for what they say.

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Support Open support case. User profile for user: Hold down the Option key while clicking on More Printers May 26, You have to do this on each PC and for each printer dor-1260 want to use, but it’s a once-only configuration. I can confirm that the At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network. Well, I never got into that tab, but it’s pdr-1260 from my wireless mac.


Then you will see these new fields. The solution is here, no need to look further. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I was getting the print once then hang effect when direct connected jac USB.

Set up a D-Link DPR multifunction print server – Mac OS X Hints

If I connect the printer directly to the mac I can print fine and I have two other dpf-1260 printers connected directly to the network which work fine.

Whatever you want to see on the Mac printer listing Location: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. In my case it was assigned This assumes of course that you have dhcp enabled on your router in the first place. All replies Drop Down menu.

You may want to make some reference to it being your print server printer as you may already have had it working locally attached and working prior. The only additional note I would make is that when you select ‘more printers’ with the ‘Option’ key pressed you may not immediately jump to the fields mentioned in the top post i.

Everything went per the book when I installed it by using my rock solid 7 yr old ThinkPad, wireless printing was a breeze in about 30 minutes start to finish. Clicking on the Scan button in the DPR ‘s webpage does nothing. Unfortunately, the Mac documentation for this print server is almost non-existent.


As a result, printers and scanners do not have to be tied to a epr-1260 machine, and may be moved anywhere in the office. Let me just say that all of you rock! PeeBee on Jan 27, ’10 Disconnecting and reconnecting the printer would reset it and print one more job, but no end of reconfig would stop it. Now I’ve got windows and mac machines sharing the same wireless printer. First of all, my situation was similar in that i was trying to install the dlink dpr print server on my home network.

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In my case, Specs Download the datasheet. Users can share data through the memory card on the multifunction printer’s slot, and print it through the same printer wirelessly. TechRadar pro IT insights for business.