It still work fine. E01 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor. I know that sounds like alot, but when one program doesn’t want to back up my movies, or games, I go to alternatives,. I am beginning to think that maybe I just got a lemon. Most firmware versions are available for download from codeguys though and you can flash back and forth as you please. Rated this writer 10 of Yes remember your backup.

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I have a sony A, which still works just fine, just wanted to upgrade to newer model for faster ull. The only program that I have added since my new writer, that I didn’t have before is the nero, but it seems like such a good program, I don’t know even where to begin, if it is a sofware problem, where the hell do I start. The best deals from Amazon’s one-day storage sale Amazon slashed prices on some 20 items.

I cannot afford too many coasters in order to experiment with this drive.

AE1 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Still a problem, have had multiple errors, wasted about 40 dvd-r’s. Sony, Verbatim, Fuji, Memorex.

Welcome to the forum by the way: I have read posts here that mention that imgburn allows you to change the bitsetting – although I have been unsuccessful in my attempts…. I could have rated this writer 10 but because it would not play or freeze, so better wait. Ull posted by Nadine from United States, January 26, Yes remember your backup. So, thanks everyone – I will try to put up some of my stats on uk Pioneer at some point.


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I will only be burning them at 2. I am about ready to throw it is the trash. Lite-On burners have always used the same form factor, so they would be a straight swap in the enclosure. After each zone the write speed is increased.

Sony DRX-710UL/T – DVD±RW (+R DL) drive – USB 2.0/IEEE 1394 (FireWire) – external

Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. Having the Intel chipset mobos should help however. I bought this external DVD writer last Dec and find it very useful with my laptop. The software that I have on my computer, is dvd decryptor, dvd shrink, dvd clone, x copy platinum, nero, which came bundled with my writer easy cd creator,instant copy, alcohol Mainly because I am afraid to do anymore, simply because I don’t know what I am doing, and afraid to mess it up further.


I am beginning to think that maybe I just got a lemon. Tech support says that it is a software issue. OK then, a quick one before I tuck in.

Sony DRXUL/DRXUL Pl (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Now concerning quality scans, you should uul that the Pioneer is not reliable for these. Good luck with your DL burns! I have had software lockups, called sony tech support, updated the firmware. AE1 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor.

If so, in what order? I always go with the Sony name, and for this particular product, I’m glad I did it again. After this speed it will not increase anymore. The second rating between the is a normal average rating.

I have always praised sony, and have recommended it to several friends, that were looking to buy a dvd writer.