Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: A simple round heatsink made of aluminum alloys covered with copper paint. And another thing that we are not tired to repeat from article to article. But on the whole, their design is unique. What concerns HDTV and other trendy video features, we are going to sort them out as soon as possible.

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The vt to be more exact, its lid has an interesting shape. The card inside is packed into two envelopes and then put into a special compartment, so damages in transit are out of the question.

Both cards are equipped with large coolers, which may please overclockers. You should buy this card only if you are pressed for money, but you still want to play DX10 games, even if in low resolutions.

Foxconn GeForce 8500 GT

The card manufactured by MSI also copies the reference design. So, you must understand that in order to get the most from a new graphics card, you will have to acquire some basic knowledge of 3D graphics and graphics in general.


They certainly will, if you disable maximum quality. Write a comment below.

GeForce 8500 GT

And the last point in general conclusions: It operates gforce the increased frequencies, but it’s still slower than the ASUS product. But native DX10 games that use only this technology! There are only two companies that release graphics processing units: Nikolaychuk AKA Unwinder and obtained the following results: This clone is no less efficient than the original.

Tests settings – maximum. The GTS also comes with an external power adapter. On the whole, it’s a good product. Samsung memory chips GDDR3.

So each card has a black 6-pin connector. In this case we can see a bulky heatsink on the front side of the PCB, no additional heatsinks at the back of the card.

10 Graphics Cards On NVIDIA GeForce / GPUs

Except for the graphics card from Gigabyte, which has its own design. When you start the game, you should go to options, choose the graphics section, and press the test button. They are all made of thick cardboard.

Bonus – a leather album for compact discs. Everything is arranged into segments, the card is thoroughly packed into foamed polyurethane. They share a common distinguishing feature – support for DirectX 10 and unified shaders that is the GeForce architecture comes down to cheaper solutions.


If you are not geforde for this, you should not perform upgrades by yourself.

GeForce GT | GeForce

Its rotational speed is low, so there is no noise. There is no need in the DX10 series. Note clock rates, shader support, and pipeline fixconn. Its two-slot cooling system is not a problem, because users do not fret about the blocked slot after the PCI-E x16 slot anymore.

We’ll not analyze each test, because it makes more sense to draw a bottom line in the end of the article. In this case it would be better to purchase a foxconh chassis with preset software along with vendor’s technical support, or a gaming console that doesn’t require any adjustments. It cuts both ways: Hynix memory chips GDDR2. Too many features have been cut down.