Incorrect function or performance of the pump can cause complications resulting in patient injury or death. The following procedures must only be carried out by qualified technicians. Remove and retain the two screws and the bracket that holds the clutch and disc assembly in place. Linear accuracy Linear accuracy The linear accuracy gauge Figure 6. A metal flag protrudes from the left hand side of the half nut in parallel with the leadscrew , this is the nearly empty flag. The rotation detector no longer generates an output, which results in an occlusion alarm. Alter the setting of the occlusion adjusting nut as necessary.

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D20 protects the circuit against any reverse hraseby that might appear from the sounder. Finalise the Assembly of the pump casing refer to page Use either of the extreme right hand 0.

From the top of the new switch panel peel back the protective paper backing grasbey far as the top of the display window. Remove and retain the six pan head self tapping screws that are used to fix the Main board to the front casing and turn the board over. Simultaneously press and hold down the following two buttons Membrane switch panel renewal Service Manual Repair procedures The Membrane switch panel has an adhesive backing that enables it to be fixed to the top of the front casing.

All the representatives I have spoken to over the last 6 months have always gone the extra mile to ensure what we require we obtain at super speed.


Used GRASEBY Syringe Pump PCA For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

To ensure safe operation of the stepper-motor the microcomputer controls the stepper-motor directly. Remove and retain the two screws that are inserted into the stainless steel bracket on the base of the pump. If a different occlusion level setting is required, the weights must be adjusted accordingly.

Fit a new motor and gearbox assembly by reversing steps 2 to 4 above, and then assemble the casing see page These lips prevent the syringe plunger from syirnge forward in the event of negative pressure on the syringe. Fit a new board by reversing steps 2 and 3 above, and close the casing see page It caters for 20, 30, 50 and 60ml syringes.

Place the gauge onto the pump with the syringe plunger almost fully extended. One full turn of the adjusting nut gives approximately 2.

A metal flag protrudes from the left hand side of the half nut in parallel with the leadscrewthis is the nearly empty flag. The pump contains a battery recharging circuit and the batteries will be fully charged when the pump has been connected sytinge the AC power for up to 14 hours see Note below – even when the pump is switched OFF.

Graseby 3100 Syringe Pump

If no indications are given, complete steps 6 to 8. Gently rub the top edge of the switch panel to adhere it lightly to the case and then remove the remainder of the protective backing paper.

Non-rotating Item 1 Description Part number Pole clamp assembly new version Pole clamp cap-knob Remarks Figure 7. Ensure grasegy the AC mains supply is switched off and the pump’s AC connector is removed before separating the case halves. Failure to use the mains lead clamp means that the pump may be accidentally or erroneously disconnected from the mains.


Fit the new assembly by reversing steps 2 to 5 detailed above.

Returns Policy New and second hand medical and dental equipment is dispatched with a minimum 3 month guarantee and does not leave our workshops before being fully inspected by an engineer. Make a syrunge of how the eight transformer spade tags are connected to the Regulator board and then slide and lift the tags off. Close the plunger clamp at approximately its mid position. I feel I have a fantastic relationship with the customer service staff I deal with on a daily syriinge.

Use either of the two extreme right hand 0. Close the plunger clamp at a position that is just clear of the bottom end of the right hand ramp. Rotate the outer rim of the gauge to set both dial indicators to zero. Fraseby Using the two fixing screws, refit the sensor assembly to the pump. Functional tests Table 6.

It had a totaliser, a limited infusion capability, a built in pole clamp and was designed for vertical operation.