From what I have been told and read, this club should help those who tend to fade or slice the ball. I didnt play golf loads before I bought this club, now I want to play every day. Straight, minor push, minor pull. I have only played 1 round and two trips to the range, but I already notice some improvement and i am actually starting to hit some small draws. The banana slice is gone and the resulting re-direction of lost energy has added a lot of distance. I cannot believe it.

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How to Set the Weights for an R7 Driver | SportsRec

You won’t regret it. Going back to my dx on Friday. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

I am definitely hitting more fairways with it and have hit some of my longest drives that I have ever hit. The banana slice is gone and the resulting re-direction of lost energy has added a lot of distance. Technique is of course of primary importance and not equipment. They are a consistent driver count leader on the PGA Tour.

I had a joint trial with a few other 7r, but the R7 Draw just hits so well. That natural fade turns into a natural slice, robbing me of distance and accuracy. I had the same question and went with the R7 Draw for two reasons: It has certainly cured my slice and added distanceposs 40yds. I do think the technology makes a difference.


I purchased my r7 draw about two years ago at the suggestion of my pro at San Luis Rey Down Golf in Bonsall CA My problem was a fade, at first the r7 helped straighten out my ball flight, then as time progressed I have developed draw, sometimes to much draw, now I have to open my club face slightly to haylormade the ball somewhere near the fairway.

Do they make this same club with a 3 wood? My off balance rubbish swings were still going or more down the middle — shocking! I was always wondering where will I get a good understanding of this club or for that matter live experience. The club hits long as well as straight and overall I am delighted with it.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

Unfortunately, with my driver, things have always been different. Straight and consistently in the yard range. I can say that I am getting more height and quite a bit more length than I was getting with my old driver. Like the r7 and r7the r7 Draw has a very slick and attractive look to it.

Bought the r7 and immediately hit it long and straight. I own a R7 draw driver for around 1 year.

I bought an R7 Draw last week out of desperation. Ball hits were centered on the head and has a great feel through the hit. Create a lower ball flight by putting both larger weights in the front slots.


I think the Fairway Aadjust of this type play a lot better. I have a horrible slice on occasions with my 3-wood.

I adjusted my swing and took a long smooth back swing and followed through the ball – wow. I also have the draw irons stiff graphite to go with the R7 Draw driver. It is a very forgiving club for a straight and consistent tee shot. Had to practice a bit with it but once i figured it out I know can draw, hit it straight and still fade when I adujst to. The latest iterations in that series, the r7 andwere reviewed positively earlier this year. My first trip hos the range i could not believe the diff in my distance and every swing was a draw.

This club has alowwed me to break on my first 2 trips out Ive played for just over 2 years an never broke shot a 90 on my third trip God I love this club. Like many others I have a natural fade with my irons and a bananna ball with my woods. About 2 nights ago I adnust a r7 Draw.