So, Tiger Li, I take it from your response that I am just stuck with this “reality” and need to implement the workaround? Saturday, May 23, The target is configured correctly. VMworld Session Public Voting now open. Easiest is to right click the vmhba adapter and open the properties tab.

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I knew this by comparing ipconfig results for the names of the interfaces.

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Create vmkernel portgroup iSCSI-2 and now make vmnic3 or other vmnic in your case the only active adapter. How do I get rid of it? Thanks for posting here. VMworld Session Public Voting now open.

Everything boots as expected. The parameter is incorrect. The target is configured correctly.

I had to first determine the “interface number” of the NICs from the route print command: Firstly thanks to Ben-Tempus for highlighting this issue and providing a temporary workaround.


Next check in the network adapters list to what vmnic this is linked, in this example vmnic2. Tuesday, July 21, 9: This may be many years too late but I think I may have a solution for this.

After configuring the vmkernel interface we now need to attach the vmkernel interface to the vmhba. Sign in to vote.

Learn Which Adapters Support IntelĀ® iSCSI Remote Boot

Wednesday, November 23, 9: As you can see with the above routing table traffic attempts to inyel over these routes:. I agree that changing the routing metric on the interfaces is the solution. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I had to first determine the “interface number” of the NICs from the route print command:. A ping to the outside world first attempts on After pressing OK and a rescan of the vmhba, you should now see the LUN s that have been presented to your iwcsi.

Remove From My Forums. Of course we can also let system automatically do these by customizing these commands into a script file and run it after completed start.


I was able to delete them manually from the command line. Proposed as answer by Samsonitered Tuesday, November 4, 3: Software Loopback Interface 1 On the first tab you can set CHAP authentication if sicsi.

Thursday, November 24, 7: Right click the vSwitch, choose properties.

This makes me assume that there isn’t a “fix” for it, only the workaround. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Then I can type: I did not configure a default route in the Intel setup utility: