Dear darkhawk, your russian colleague said that it depends not on network adapter, but on chipset wich is z87 in my case. The idea behind gaming oriented NICs network interface controllers seems great: If this is the case, you may be encountering a link speed issue. What software i need to use? This means that the negotiated connection speed between the Ethernet adapter and whatever device it is plugged into is Mbps. What is Killer LAN?

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Click here for location and operating hours For warranty information and repair status: How is it possible that in this ideal environment, improvements were so difficult to find? This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on posts.

They cause more problems than they solve. The motherboard has the TPM connector and can enable it.

If intel has it, i ggabit not mind having an extra features like killer has. Killer uses software based to allocate the bandwidth via prioritising users more control on what they need or want. IMO, both are good ba You can add my voice to the chorus that recommends using it from first install.

Killer Wireless | Killer Networking | Killer Ethernet Driver

Pretty good deal, when taken as a set of separate controllers. So i am interested in network traffic encryption, and on what hardware it depends: That generally means Intel, which has the resources to sweat the details.


Make sure each cable is labeled Cat 6 or Cat7. Smlj improve internet connection? With a single exception, no tests or combination of settings made any difference, even when two or more separate local servers were accessed for copy operations, a best-case scenario configuration that bypasses some bandwidth limits.

In addition, please ensure that you have the following information available: Ethernet alone one the right, Doubleshot on the left.

I’ve been trying to find more information on it, but it’s very lacking at the moment anywhere that I can find it. The interface is slick looking and easy to use, although glitches such as settings giggabit occasionally re-enable themselves are still present.

Note that this includes all cabling between the machine and the router, including any cabling in before and after any switches, or on the other side of any wall jacks, and behind the wall. We have had reports of some Killerr technicians telling their customers that a Gigabit option will appear in this setting if the network adapter is working correctly.

How Intel LAN work?

Although the specs still favor Intel in terms of driver polish, DPC latency and extended features, those solutions are also more expensive. Even on a LAN, most router ports are limited to the speed of gigabit Ethernet as are the local servers’ Ethernet cards themselves. I’m searching as well, and if i get some more facts i will write them here. QOS control implemented at the router level makes more sense isn’t it.


The answer is pretty mundane, and it comes down to drivers. Or am I wrong saysuzu likes this. Intel Ethernet controller on the left, Doubleshot on the right.

Killer Drivers Installation – 64bit

From what I’ve read about this, it only matters on the chipset and TPM. The fastest way to rule out any problems with anything other than cabling is to connect your machine directly into your modem with a single, proven Cat 6 or better Ethernet cable, and preferably into a proven Gigabit capable port, then check the link speed.

There is good and bad in either intel or killer lan. Even the mightiest 8-core Intel desktop systems have to deal with an inherent limitation of the Windows task management structure.

Or am I wrong.

Both Left for Dead 2 and CS: