Branches will not be credited, but information is still helpful. The state of the original conveyance sensor PS will be displayed in the dark blue band at the top of the touchscreen. Hold the [P] button down until [Enter 4-digit password to change Mode] message is displayed at the top of the touchscreen. Select Y and press Enter. Access the 25 mode power the machine ON, while pressing the 2 and 5 keys. Inspect the actuator for proper operation.

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Fuse F1 on scanner driving board is open. ICPsare not a replaceable part. From a command prompt type: This will save significant time and expense in getting back the machine in working condition.

The spring is located around the gate shaft at the rear side of the finisher.

Konica Minolta Ip Ps Driver Download

Please refer to attached Parts Manual pagesas areference ofparts location yellow highlighted. To disable this feature set software dipswitch to 0 in the 25 mode. Solution Site Requirements 20 and 30 Ampere Machines. Trays 1, 2, 3, 4 LCT settings range: Open the front doors, release the ADU lock located at the bottom of the ADU unit by turning it with a finger to the left.


Losing network settings after firmware upgrade. Replace F1 with a fuse of the same rating.

Solution ECM mode on the has the capability to program and store passcodes. The system configuration page will be printed. Koica will be no confirmation that the adjustment has been completed however, the adjustment was performed.

Access the 47 mode power the copier ON, while pressing the 4 and 7 keys. The Toner Control Sensor Board failed. Remove any obstructions such as staple sheets or paper fragments, which are preventing the 11×17 sheets from traveling completely to the end of the conveyance path and contacting the folding stopper, which determines the centering folding position.

Konica Minolta IP-602 Driver

Each pin should have 5V DC. Press 2 Image adjustment. The following are minimum requirements: This causes the copier to disregard the finisher error request. The M3 x 6mm screws must be used to install up to three weight plates, and the M3 x 8 mm screw must be used when four to six plates are installed.


The plates are installed in the main body trays only. Konkca check PS10, perform the following: On the touchscreen press [SET]. If the machine is equipped with a PU or a PZ, set software dipswitch to 0.

Konica 7085 Konica IP-602 Konica IP-602M Konica Minolta Force… Drivers Download

Failed PS31 on the cleaning unit. June 60 The display locks up during warm up with no failure code. Press Change to select 2 or 4 hole punch.

Thesecomponents could cause the drive system to bind. Occasionally a solid black page is output. Try reducing this limitation by pulling out the specific driver needed and placing it on the desktop.

If the printer pre-registration is not appropriate, press the C button while pressing the P button. ICP6 on the finisher CB is open. minoolta

To check M, perform the following: Known fixes for various codes: